“I will sell my beans for bitcoin, because bitcoin like coffee, transcends borders and moves humankind forward by inspiring and motivating individuals to reach new heights.” – Java Nomad

AUG. 28 2014 UPDATE: Currently Sourcing Next Beans – Back Soon.


The Offer: For fellow bitcoiners who enjoy really, really good coffee – I’m offering 150 grams of my locally sourced and freshly roasted, “Bali Kintamani” single origin Arabica coffee beans. From start to finish, your coffee is locally grown, harvested, processed, roasted, packaged and shipped direct from Bali Island, Indonesia to you. It doesn’t get any fresher or closer to the source than this. But – this unique coffee is ONLY available in exchange for Bitcoin. Today your cost for a 150g bag is just USD $19.97 – In Bitcoins At The Current Exchange Rate and this includes shipping worldwide.